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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Reno, NV

Some properties have sloping land in the outdoor spaces, or the grading is incorrect. If these conditions exist on your residential property and you plan to install hardscaping elements, the ground needs to be stable and leveled well to bear the weight of the features you install there.

If the grading is not proper or when the slopes incline towards the structure on your property, it can also cause flooding around your home. Installing custom retaining walls is the best way to resolve these issues. These specially engineered walls support your landscape and enhance your property’s appeal and value. As experienced hardscaping specialists, we at Dani's Lawn & Landscape have the skills, knowledge, and resources to tackle this job expertly.

Retaining Wall Ideas and Plans

We are a well-established, reputable, licensed, and insured landscaping company that provides a wide range of hardscaping services. Our designers will survey the available area to determine whether you need retaining wall installation to improve the outdoor area’s stability and integrity. Over the years, our team has handled many retaining walls design and construction projects.

We use various materials to create stunning retaining walls that enhance your property's appeal while improving its safety levels and usability. In most cases, retaining walls installation is part of a comprehensive landscaping project. However, if you have flooding in your yard areas or soil erosion in some spots, we may suggest that you install retaining walls.

Superior Retaining Wall Construction

Site preparation and grading typically involve some excavation work. After excavation, the landscape will also need some support. We make sure the area is stable before constructing the retaining walls. We use high-quality retaining walls systems from the best brands so that the structures are resilient and durable. Our company uses concrete masonry units, natural stone blocks, brick, and concrete, depending on the overall styling requirement.

In addition to basic retaining walls, we can also install features with in-built seating or planter spaces, making them a dual-function structure. In addition to this, we can also build retaining walls on terraced landscapes, which helps segregate the levels well. We plan these structures well so that they provide optimal functionality and long-term value.

Local Hardscaping Experts

We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of hardscape planning and installation. Whether you need retaining wall installation as part of a landscape upgrade or a new project, we can help. We are creative and can provide distinctive retaining wall designs and plans to match your needs. We also cover all our work with iron-clad guarantees so you can be sure that we focus on quality and will complete the job perfectly the first time around.

For any more information about our retaining walls and other services, call Dani's Lawn & Landscape at 775-232-7360. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your queries or service requests, and one of our team members will call you to discuss your project.

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